• Overview

    Jamroom is powerful, modular Content Management System ideally suited for "profile" based user communities.

    It uses the concept of modules to extend the Jamroom Core set of features.

    Core to Jamroom are the following concepts:

    - Users create accounts in Jamroom
    - Each user has a Profile that contains items and features they want to share.
    - As the system grows, new content is added by Users

    New features can be added to your Jamroom site by adding new modules to the system, i.e.:

    - You want your users to be able to upload Audio Files, and visitors to your site to be able to stream those audio files - add the Audio Support module.

    - You want your users to be able to leave comments on other user's profiles - add the User Comments module.

    And so on - the different features that are made available to your users are controlled by the modules installed in your Jamroom, and what you have configured in your Jamroom Quotas.