Creating a new Domain on your Server

  • Create a new Domain

    Create a new Domain
    An important aspect of Jamroom Hosting is that ALL Jamroom sites must be setup on a domain, and creating a new domain on your server starts with a domain name.

    For this example we'll use "" as our domain - you would want to use an actual domain name you want to create a new Jamroom site for.

    While viewing the Server Dashboard for the server you want to add the new domain to, at the bottom you will see the "add a new Jamroom domain to this server" section.

    Enter the domain name you want to setup. Don't worry that DNS isn't pointing to the server yet - that won't matter. We just need a domain name to create the new install under.

    When you've entered your domain name, the next step is to choose the product you want to install. ALL products include the Jamroom Core - but you can also choose Genosis or Proxima and the system will pre-install the additional modules as needed.

    When ready, press the "Create new Jamroom Site" button to create the new Jamroom Site.

    It will take up to 30 seconds for the new site to be created and the new install of Jamroom to be setup - you will see the status of the domain in your server dashboard, and you will also receive an email letting you know your new Jamroom site is online.
  • TIP: If you are already hosting your domain elsewhere, you can create the SAME domain in Jamroom Hosting - it will not be "live" until you update DNS to point to Jamroom Hosting's name servers.

    It will however give you a temporary domain that you can configure and work on your Jamroom site before you go live, which is a good idea!
08 Mar 2015 06:31:59AM @researchcooperative:
Glossary alert! What is a "Jamroom distribution"?

I have set up new domain names previously and pointed them from a domain name server (DNS) to a website hosted by another company. I don't recall seeing the word "Distribution" in this process.

08 Mar 2015 07:20:58AM @brian:
With Jamroom we have several different "projects":

- Jamroom - this is the "main" Jamroom project
- Genosis - this converts your Jamroom into a Genealogical (family tree) focused site
- Proxima - this converts your Jamroom install into a "backend" for a mobile application


We make it easy for our customers to install these distributions out of the box so they don't have to go in AFTER install and set everything up.

If you just want "Jamroom" install just the Jamroom Core.

Hope this helps!