Jamroom Licensing

  • Jamroom is licensed on a per site basis.

    A site is a single Jamroom install on a single hosting account or server.
  • What is a Jamroom Site?

    A Jamroom site is a single Jamroom install running on a hosting account or server. For example - you have 3 domains on your server, each running a Jamroom install - this is considered 3 "sites". If you have a Jamroom Cloud install running on 10 servers under one domain name it would be considered 10 "sites".
  • Unlimited Premium Features

    Jamroom Hosted and Jamroom Premium plans include access to Premium Features as part of their license. This includes modules and skins developed by the Jamroom Network only, and does not include 3rd party modules, skins or custom development for Jamroom.
  • Jamroom Commercial License

    Premium Jamroom modules and skins are released under the Jamroom Commercial License - a copy of which is included in every premium module or skin and can be viewed from the item's "Info" page.
  • Open Source License

    The Open Source Jamroom Core modules and/or skins are licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL):