Template Functions

  • Jamroom Templates

    Jamroom uses the smarty3 templating system to handle the creation of html templates.

    Smarty Template Engine

    The listed functions in this section are all Jamroom specific functions. For the complete list of standard smarty functions they are available in the smarty function docs.


    Things like:
    and other useful tags are all explained in the smarty docs.
  • Working with Templates

    The templates used in jamroom can be thought of as normal html pages but with the extra power of smarty.

    Anything you would use in a normal html file is also valid in a template. That includes javascript, css and all the usual features.

    The extras come from the additonal features provided by smarty. You will know these instantly as they are different from normal html syntax.

    A smarty tag looks like this {$profile_name}. Use of that tag in a template where it exists will replace that with the actual profile name of the owner of that profile.

    There are many more functions that can be used to, this documentation section will endeavor to cover their uses.
  • Jamroom is very template centric. You can use smarty functions to pull information into a template, or you can use module functions to push data out to a template. Both ways have their advantages.