{if jrCore_module_is_active()}{/if}

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Module Names
  • Overview

    The jrCore_module_is_active() function takes the name of a module and returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether that module is active in the system or not.

    This can be used with the {if}{/if} template block to create a section which only shows if a module is active.
  • Pass in the name of the module ( not the title of the module) to the function and it will return the modules status in the system via TRUE or FALSE.

    If the module is active the block will be displayed.
    {if jrCore_module_is_active('jrAudio')} 
        // Put here the code to be run if the AUDIO module is active
  • Module Names

    Module names are the name as they appear in the file system, not the title as it appears in the Marketplace in the ACP.

    The correct module name to use is shown in the module "info" tab under "Directory".