Advanced Config Keys

  • Overview

    Located at:

    is a tool for adding in "Advanced Config Keys". Advanced Config Keys are for turning on features that are considered too minor or too specialized to have their own place in everyones ACP.

    This page lists out some of those Advanced Config Keys so they can be discovered without looking at the code.
  • Screenshot of the Advanced Config Keys tool
  • jrCore_disable_play_cookies

    Config Key: jrCore_disable_play_cookies
    Config Value: on

    Use this in combination with
    CORE -> GLOBAL CONFIG -> CONTENT -> "Log in to Stream" : (unchecked)

    To allow direct file access to the streaming URL. This can be used to allow other sites to link to your audio files.

    More info:
  • jrProfile_disable_pulse

    Config Key: jrProfile_disable_pulse
    Config Value: on

    Use this to disable pulse notifications in the browser console.

    If you're trying to debug ajax stuff and are watching for XHR requests then it can get annoying to have pulse check for new pulses every few seconds. This config key will turn the pulse update requests off.
  • Screenshot of the pulse counts in the console