Disqus Comments

  • Overview

    The Disqus Comments module allows comments to be added to items via the commenting system created by the website disqus.com.
    This is an alternative method of commenting if you prefer not to store your comments in your own database, but rather let disqus store your comments.

    It has the advantage of allowing users that may not have a user account on your site, but do have one on disqus, be able to leave comments.
  • Global Config

    Global Config
    screenshot of the Global Config for the disqus module in the ACP
  • You obtain the disqus shortname by using the "Add Disqus to your site" found at:
  • screenshot of the add form at disqus.com
  • In the screenshot above, the "Disqus Shortname" is 'jr500'.
  • screenshot of the disqus comment system showing on an item detail page
  • Video Walkthough

    Installing the jrDisqus module into a Jamroom site and activating it.
  • For Developers

    If you want to add disqus comments to a template location in a profile that isn't the detail page, you can do so with this smarty function
  • If you want to use a specific set of comments that also appears in another location, then you need to add a disqus_identifier parameter.

    The identifier that gets added to details pages is in the format:
    "(module name)_(item id)"

    is the disqus identifier for the blog with the _item_id of 2.
    {jrDisqus_comments disqus_identifier="jrBlog_2"}
  • In actual usage, you would probably be passing in the _item_id rather than hardcoding it:
    {jrDisqus_comments disqus_identifier="jrBlog_`$item._item_id`"}