• Overview

    The Polls module allows you to give members of your community the ability to add polls to their profiles.

    Any user who is part of a quota that is allowed to create Polls will see the POLL tab on their profile along with a Create | Update | Delete button.
  • screenshot of the create page for a new poll
  • screenshot of adding the options to the poll for the user to select.
  • screenshot of the poll on display on the users profile.
  • List of Polls

    If your looking to get a list of existing polls out to the front section of your site, the quickest and easiest way to do it is to add this code where you want the list
    {jrCore_list module="jrPoll"}
  • That will give you the default list with all the default values in the default layout.

    For more control over the output see the {jrCore_list} options here:
  • If you want a single poll out to the front section, then the code for that is found in the item_details.tpl file.:
  • To get a single poll out to the front section, use this code and replace the ITEM_DETAILS_HERE section with the contents of the file:

    (since that file is prone to change, the code is not pasted here.)
    {capture name="row_template" assign="poll_row"}
    		{jrCore_module_url module="jrPoll" assign="murl"}
    		{if isset($_items)}
        		{foreach from=$_items item="item"}
    {jrCore_list module="jrPoll" limit="1" template=$poll_row}
  • youtube
    screencast of how jrPoll works together with jrEmbed
  • The Poll module can be accessed in Site Builder using the "Item List" and the "HTML Editor->Embed Media" routes.