• Overview

    The Audio module provides audio file upload and playback ability.

    If you are planning to create a music network site, this module will allow the bands that sign up to your site to upload music to their profile and visitors to that profile to stream the music in their browser or mobile device.

    If you want your visitors to be able to listen to music, this is the module you need.
  • Uploading

    Audio files can be uploaded one at a time or all together. When many audio files are uploaded together they will all be given the same album name.
  • youtube
    video of uploading an audio album
  • HowTo: re-order the songs in an album

    Re-ordering songs in an album
  • Allow audio downloads

    By default audio files are not available for download. If you want to make them available for download to logged in users, uncheck the setting in the GLOBAL CONFIG for 'block file downloads' and this will make a download button appear to logged in users.
  • screenshot of the location of the 'block file downloads' button
  • screenshot of the download button visible on an audio item
  • Allow downloads for logged out users

    Even if you have enabled the downloads for logged in users, an extra step is necessary if you want to allow downloads for logged-out users.

    As the admin user, locate the "configure buttons" on one of the audio items.
    (HINT: This will need to be done for both the LIST view and the DETAIL view if you want the download button to show in both locations)
  • screenshot of the 'configure buttons' button on the LIST view
  • screenshot of all the list buttons available
  • Modify the "Download Audio Button" so that it has no group. By default this will be set to just show to the 'users' group. Removing that will allow it to show for all groups including logged out users.
  • screenshot of the download button set to 'no group restrictions'