Private Notes

Table of Contents:

For Developers
  • Overview

    Private Notes are like internal email messages. You send and receive them from your 'inbox'.

    Private Notes can only be sent to admins and users that follow you.

    This is for privacy reasons and prevents users who don't know each other or follow each other from spamming other users. It's based on Twitter's model.
  • screenshot of the Private Notes button location on jrElastic skin
  • screenshot of the inbox
  • Private notes can only be sent to people you follow or who follow you.
  • screenshot of a private note about to be sent
  • screenshot of a private note being received
  • screenshot of a private note being replied to.
  • For Developers

    If you want to create a link from somewhere to send a private note, then you need the user_id of the user you want to send the private note to.

    The default URL for the private note would be:

    Where 2 in this case is the user you're wanting to send the private note to.

    There is a caveat though - the link to this page must come from a page within the site or you will end up with an "invalid url validation error" due to Jamroom's CSRF form checking.

    To make sure this doesn't happen, and you can send your email note to one of your followers, you need to set a cookie on the page where the link is.

    An example of that is below:
    {jrCore_include template="header.tpl"}
    <a href="{$jamroom_url}/note/new/user_id=2">{$jamroom_url}/note/new/user_id=2</a>
    {jrCore_include template="footer.tpl"}