Find New Music

  • What does the jrRecommend module do?

    The jrRecommend module allows bands to specify who their musical influences are in their profile.

    This information is used to help the user to find new music similar to a band they are familiar withs' style.

    Example: A user likes the sound of The Beatles, they enter 'the beatles' into the Find New Music search box and the results show songs from bands who have specified that their influences are The Beatles.
  • screenshot of the info page of the jrRecommend module
  • screenshot of the added 'influences' field on the users profile settings page
  • Enter your Bands influences

    Your influences will be used when someone uses the "Find New Music" feature to search for music they might like.

    If you put your influences to be:
    The beatles, Hendrix

    Then when someone enters either of those terms into the "Find New Music" search system, your songs will appear in the results.
  • screenshot of the find new music button
  • screenshot of the user using the "Find New Music" search feature.
  • The Results

    The results of the search can be displayed however the skin designer wants to display them.

    On the jrElastic skin, the results are displayed as a list of songs for the user to listen to.
  • screenshot of the results of a search for New Music