• Overview

    The SoundCloud module allows users to import music from and display it on the profile.

    The imported songs information is stored in a datastore that can then be used to populate lists in other locations around the site.
  • screenshot of listings on a profile that have come from soundcloud
  • SoundCloud songs are delivered from

    These songs are not stored locally on your server, but rather delivered from when the listener plays them.

    However they do have the feeling of being the same as any audio file that was uploaded directly to your site via the jrAudio module.

    You can list and search on them the same. They will display very similarly. They have a comments section where discussions can take place locally on your server.
  • Profile owners can import multiple songs at once

    Profile owners can import multiple songs at once
    screenshot of the import screen for the profile users to import songs.
  • Details exits locally

    Once a song is in your system you can tag it, and comment on it, and do any other functions to it that you would be able to do to a locally uploaded song.
  • screenshot of the details page of a soundcloud song.
  • Configuration: Global Config

    On the Global Config tab of the soundcloud module in the ACP you will see 2 settings that need to be entered in order to retrieve information from they are:
    Client ID
    Client Secret
  • screenshot of the Global Config section of the SounCloud module in the ACP
  • To get the info needed for these locations go to:

    and register a new application.

    Give your app a name and register it and you will be given the details you need.
  • screenshot of the Client ID and Client Secret at