Profile Tweaks

Table of Contents:

Quota Config
  • Overview

    The Profile Tweaks module allows profile owners to customize the way their profile looks.

    It offers them the option of:
    - Selecting a custom background image for their profile
    - Selecting which page they want to be their "profile index"
    - Uploading a custom site Icon (overrides the main site icon, on skins that support it)
    - Selecting a different skin for their profile (from a Quota controlled list)
  • Quota Config

    Quota Config
    Screenshot of the Quota Config options for the Profile Tweaks module
  • The admin user can choose the options available to the Profile owners from the Quota Config settings tab of the module.

    Then the Profile Owners can choose which of the choices to apply to their individual profiles.

    The available options are visible to them on the CUSTOMIZE tab when editing their profiles details.
  • Screenshot of the CUSTOMIZE tab for the profile owner
  • Example

    The result of the profile owner changing the background image might not match your site, so be aware of how much freedom you are allocating.
  • screenshot of a profile with a custom background image