Smiley Support

  • Overview

    The Smiley Support module checks the user input text for common smiley characters and turns them into an image.

    The most famous smiley is colon right-parenthesis :) which looks like a smiley face.

    The smiley support module allows you to choose your own smileys and add new ones that fit your community.

    It comes with the option to easily install a default set which can be extended and changed to fit your needs.
  • screenshot of the 'Smiley Browser' tab of the module in the ACP
  • From the Smiley Browser tab of the module in the ACP you can either upload smileys one at a time or load the default set, then change them to suit your needs.
  • screenshot of the smiley browser with the default set loaded in
  • Quota Config

    Now when the editor is viewed in any profile in a quota that has 'Show in Editor' enabled, they will see an extra button in the editor menu with smileys on it
  • screenshot of the Enable Smiley Images Quota Config setting
  • screenshot of the smiley button in the editor
  • Active Text Formatter

    The Quota Config setting will show the smiley button in the editor, but there is also another location you need to know about. "Active Text Formatters"

    If you enable the "Allow Smileys" in this section then any : ) characters will be turned into :) from text that users type into forums and comments etc.