• Overview

    The Video module allows you to upload 'video' file types to your system.

    This provides a local upload where the file is stored on your server and when requested is delivered from your server.
  • screenshot of 2 videos being displayed on the users profile.
  • Upload one at a time or a whole Album

    Upload one at a time or a whole Album
    Just like the jrAudio module, the jrVideo module allows profile owners to upload a bunch of videos all at the same time instead of doing them one by one.

    The button on the left of this picture with the * is the one to upload an album at once, the one on the right + will upload a single video.
  • Key Points

    - HTML 5 Video Player
    - Convert uploaded Video files to multiple formats for displaying on both desktop and mobile devices
    - Video Image grab to grab a screenshot for the video
  • Screenshots

    screenshot of the video list on a profile
  • screenshot of a video detail page on a profile
  • screenshot of the video details update form
  • screenshot of the modules global config tab in the ACP
  • screenshot of the modules Quota Config tab in the ACP
  • Q&A: Convert Videos

    Q: When 'convert videos' is unchecked, even if uploaded file is MP4, it does not stream in a player. Instead video just shows as a grey box with a download button on the bottom. (just a side thing; this happens even if 'block video downloads' is checked). Is this the way it should be working? That in order for a video to stream in player, conversion has to be enabled?

    A: Yeah you're going to want it enabled - it needs to be able to create the mobile version, as well as grab the screenshot. It also "activates" the video at the end of the conversion process.
  • Q&A: Video Size

    Q: When converted videos show in player, it is a much smaller size than they generally appear on youtube. Is there any way to make the videos larger? there seems to be a lot of extra room (black space) on both sides of the player.

    A: I've not really seen this - it will "fill in" the player as much as it can, based on the aspect ratio of the video. Note that if you're viewing the mobile version, it's a small aspect ratio (as it expects to be viewed on a smaller screen, and we want it to stream well).
  • Q&A: Conversion

    Q: I understand that when conversion is enabled, it converts the clip into an MP4 and also into a flash version for mobile. Question is; if there is a set bit rate that it is converted to? Is there a difference in the output quality of whether the original video was 720p or 480p?

    A: No - there's no set bit rate - it uses the "same" bit rate as the video being converted.