Hosting Transfer

Table of Contents:

Global Config
  • Overview

    The Hosting Transfer module allows you to transfer an existing Jamroom site that is not on
    The steps for how it works are outlined on this page:

    Another useful resource if is the Docs: Jamroom Hosting section of the documentation about Jamroom Hosting.

    This module is the one that gets installed on the existing Jamroom site.
  • Global Config

    The Gobal Config tab is the only one with any settings on it at all in this module.

    You get to enter an Access Key to allow the site contents to be taken to another location.
  • screenshot of the Global Config tab of the Hosting Transfer module
  • You can also import an existing Jamroom site from
03 Oct 2016 03:22:21AM @researchcooperative:
When I try to install this on my Jamroom site, using the Marketplace at my site, it downloads to my computer, rather than installing inside my site. When I unzip these files on the computer, there is nothing that looks like an application, just a list of .php and other files. When I click on, there is no application that can read this file in my computer.

Makes no sense to me.

03 Oct 2016 06:46:56AM @michael:
Your instructions about what you are doing leave room for interpretation. I'm not sure what actions you are performing.

Are you saying that when you go to: -> ACP -> CORE -> MARKETPLACE -> (search) HOSTING TRANSFER -> INSTALL

That it opens a download window? That would be very unexpected behavior.