Hosting Transfer

Table of Contents:

Global Config
  • Overview

    The Hosting Transfer module allows you to transfer an existing Jamroom site that is not on Jamroom Hosting to a new Jamroom Hosting.
    Add this module to your existing domain and activate it.

    Send the Access key to Jamroom support.

    They will use the IMPORT A SITE tool with that key and the domain name to import to Jamroom Hosting.

    Another useful resource if is the Docs: Jamroom Hosting section of the documentation about Jamroom Hosting.
    This module is the one that gets installed on the existing Jamroom site.
  • Global Config

    The Gobal Config tab is the only one with any settings on it at all in this module.

    You get to enter an Access Key to allow the site contents to be taken to another location.
  • screenshot of the Global Config tab of the Hosting Transfer module
  • You can also import an existing Jamroom site from Jamroom Hosting to Jamroom Hosting if you wanted to clone the site to a different domain and make changes from there.