URL Redirection

  • Overview

    The URL Redirection module allows you to create url's to track clicks on them.

    If you have a url you want the user to visit, but don't want them to know the destination before they click then this is the module you want.

    For example you could have "Our favorite search engine is....." then use the generated URL for the link. The user will see a local url and will be redirected to the destination when they click it.
  • Create a Redirect rule

    Create a Redirect rule
    screenshot of a redirect rule being created
  • screenshot of a new rule successfully added
  • Using the rule

    To use the redirect rule, just create the link. If your sites name is http://example.com and the URL Redirection module is on its default module url, r then the full url would be:

    When that link is clicked or pasted into the address bar, the browser will redirect to the desired URL, which in this case is http://duckduckgo.com

    Each time the link is clicked the views will be recorded for the admin user to keep track of.

    This could be used to track your advertising banner clicks, or any other way you like.