Developer Tools

  • Overview

    The jrDeveloper module is for module and skin developers.

    It turns off the caching system while developing modules and skins to help speed up development.

    There are also a series of tools related to development.
    * a database viewer/editor similar to phpmyadmin
    * a way to package and license created products so they are ready to be sold in the marketplace
    * a way to clone an existing skin.
  • screenshot of the database admin interface
  • screenshot of the tools section of jrDeveloper module
  • screenshot of the package system to package a module for the marketplace
  • Package Module

    The 'Package Module' tool is available for 3rd Party Developers who want to upload a module to the marketplace.

    Details on its use are outlined here:

    "Packaging a module for the marketplace"
  • Template name in Source

    The Template Name in Source option adds the name of the template to the source code of the generated page as html comments.

    To turn it on, check the checkbox.
  • screenshot of the location to activate the template name in source
  • With that active, you then use the ctrl+u (View Source Code) to view the source code for the page you are looking at and will see code telling you which templates generated the section.
  • screenshot of the template names visible in the source code