• Overview

    The Profile module is an integral part of the Jamroom Core system, and cannot be removed. It provides core level profile functionality to all Jamroom modules.

    User Accounts can be connected to more than 1 Profile, and a single Profile can be connected to multiple User Accounts.

    In a music website (for example) this can be illustrated as:

    - a single User can belong to any number of bands (Profiles)
    - a single Profile can have multiple Users that administer the profile

    This is a uniquely powerful feature of Jamroom.
  • The User is the person, the Profile is where they create their content. One User can belong to multiple profiles. The
  • screenshot of the info tab for the Profiles module
  • screehshot of a profiles timeline page
  • screenshot of the Profiles module tools tab in the ACP
  • Note: If you are looking for information on customizing the Profile Menu, the {jrProfile_menu} template function is documented here:
15 Mar 2015 06:11:53AM @researchcooperative:
When new members join a Jamroom community, the profile options they see depend on what modules have been allocated to the profile category that is set as default. In JR parlance a "quota" is the whole profile category, with its allocated modules. Different profile categories (quotas) are created by Master Admin using different allocations of modules.

I am not yet clear how new members can acquire additional profiles, and get access to other functions of the system with those profiles.

Can they ask and then be approved automatically, or is it only a one-sided operation from the admin side?