Starting a Site Builder Session

  • Starting a Site Builder Session

    Starting a Site Builder Session
    Starting a new Site Builder Session is easy.

    On pages that support Site Builder you will see a yellow "Site Builder" button floating down in your lower left.

    Clicking this button will start a Site Builder session.
  • The Site Builder Menu

    The Site Builder Menu
    After clicking on the Site Builder button, the Site Builder menu will expand with the following choices:

    Help - The help button links you up with the Site Builder documentation (what you're reading here).

    Menu Editor - The Menu Editor is used to customize the header menu. You can add, update and remove menu options as well as drop down child menu elements.

    Delete Page - You can delete the current page you are viewing by clicking on the "Delete Page" menu option.

    Page Config - Clicking the Page Config option will open the Page Config window, where you can adjust the Page Layout (defining the rows and columns on the page) as well as the Page Settings (defining page permissions).

    Close - Clicking the Close button will end your Site Builder session.
  • Page Edit Mode

    Page Edit Mode
    After clicking the "Site Builder" button you will see the current page change in to Page Edit mode.

    Page Edit mode allows you to:

    - Change the location of existing Widgets on the page by dragging any existing widgets into the location you want them to appear.

    - Modify the Container Settings for containers on the page by clicking on the "Container Settings" button.

    - Create, update and delete page widgets.