Changing Page Settings

  • Overview

    The Page Settings section allows the page setup. From here you can change the page's URL or the page title or add some meta information to the header if you need to.
  • screenshot of the Page Settings button to get to the Page Settings section.
  • screenshot of the Page Settings dialog
  • Page Title

    This is the title of the page as it shows in the browser
  • screenshot of the locations where the Page Title shows in the browser
  • Page Url

    The page url is the address bar location that the page shows up on. You can change this to whatever you like, but don't forget to also change the menu link to it if you have its as a menu item.

    If you just change it for the page and not for in the Menu Editor then the menu link will be pointing to the old location.
  • screenshot of the locations that the page url effects
  • Display Groups

    The Display Groups is who is able to see this page. It is possible to limit who can see the page by selecting groups from the Display Groups section.

    Use ctrl+click to select more than one group.
  • screenshot of the Display Groups section with 3 groups selected.