Deleting an Existing Page

  • Overview

    Its possible to add a Site Builder page to any location that is not used, its also possible to add a Site Builder page to any location that is being used.

    This page looks at what happens when you delete an existing page created by Site Builder.
  • Adding a new page to an existing location

    Site Builder is not the ONLY way to add pages to Jamroom. You can add a page to the site by [url=]adding a .tpl file to the file system of the active skin[url].

    Or by creating a module that takes control of a URL.

    Either of these methods can be over-ridden by putting a Site Builder page at their location.

    In the screenshot below we see the default index page provided by the jrNingja skin.
  • screenshot of the default jrNingja skin
  • We know site builder is active because of the buttons in the bottom left hand corner.

    We know we can over-ride this page by clicking the Site Builder button.
  • screenshot of an empty Site Builder page ready to begin construction
  • Delete the Site Builder Page

    When we activated Site Builder, the old content did not get deleted, it just got over-ridden.

    So if we want to get the old content which was provided by the skin or a module back, then all we have to do is to delete the Site Builder page.
  • screenshot of the delete page button to remove the Site Builder page.
  • and what was there before will return.
  • screenshot of the default index page provided by the skin.
  • Alternatively: Move the page

    To return what's underneath back to the top, we need to delete the page. But if you've put a lot of work into making the page and you want to keep it, the alternative is to move it.

    The Site Builder version is being shown because there is a Site Builder page mapped to the current URL.

    If you want to keep it, AND have what's under it, you can move it to another URL that is empty.

    We do that by going to
  • screenshot of the location to change the Site Builder pages current URL.
  • By changing the Site Builder pages url the whole Site Builder page will move to a different URL.

    Here, we'll move it to /elephants . The result will be the default skin version will come back to the top page and the current page can now be found at