Adding a new Widget

  • overview

    Widgets are the core of Site Builder. Everything else just exists to give Widgets a place to be.

    Think of a widget as a piece of content.
    * its on a page
    * its in a container

    And apart from that its only limited by the modules that provide them. Any module can provide a widget for you to use.

    Think of them as pieces of content, then start adding that content to your page.
  • Add your first widget

    Click the "Add Widget" button found on the container you want to add a widget to to get started.
  • screenshot of the add widget button
  • The new widget will be added to the container where you clicked the button.

    Don't worry if you make a mistake, because you can drag it to whichever container you like later on.

    Clicking the "Add Widget" button will bring up the widgets dialog.

    By default when adding a new widget you will always start on the "HTML Editor" widget, but there are many more.
  • screenshot of the "HTML Editor" widget creation interface
  • widget: HTML Editor

    The HTML Editor widget allows you to add a box of text to the page. It has an editor in place to style that text as you like.

    The title you give the widget will appear as the title to the text contained beneath.

    After you save the widget, then click VIEW CHANGES your page will appear with the new piece of content on it.
  • screenshot of the contents of an HTML Editor widget being displayed on the page.
  • Rinse and Repeat

    Once you have created your first widget, its just as easy to add another. Add multiple widgets to a single container, or add multiple containers to multiple rows for a more complex page layout.

    Its up to you.

    There are many widgets available, they are provided by active modules in your system, so adding new modules could result in more widgets becoming available.

    Click on the menu on the left of the Add widget interface to bring up the dialog for adding that widget to the page.

    Each widget will have its own dialog interface with options to choose from.
  • Widget: Audio Player

    Widget: Audio Player
    screenshot of the location to add an audio player to your page
  • Widget: Embeded Form

    Widget: Embeded Form
    screenshot of the location to embed an existing form created by the simple forms module
  • Widget: Calendar

    Widget: Calendar
    screenshot of the location to embed an a calendar provided by the event module
  • Widget: Flickr

    Widget: Flickr
    screenshot of the location to embed some images that exist in the system provided by the flickr module
  • Widget: Gallery

    Widget: Gallery
    screenshot of the location to embed uploaded gallery images
  • Widget: Item List

    Widget: Item List
    screenshot of the widget to create lists of things.
  • The Item List widget is provided by the Jamroom core. It provides a point and click way to access the powerful {jrCore_list functionality.

  • Example

    screenshot of some widgets together to make a page layout
  • screenshot of the above layout as it displays to the visitor