Special content for Mobile or Tablets

Table of Contents:

The functions
  • Overview

    You want to have one page with different content for mobile or tablet devices.

    Perhaps you have a large flash element that you don't want to show on mobile or tablet devices? read on....
  • The functions

    There are a couple of template functions that will help you out if your in the situation were you want to check for mobile devices.

    Those functions are:
    {if jrCore_is_mobile_device()}.....

    {if jrCore_is_tablet_device()}.....

    combined in an IF statement like this:
    {if jrCore_is_mobile_device()}
        // do something for a mobile
    {elseif jrCore_is_tablet_device()}
        // do something for a tablet
  • you can easily separate content by the device the user is using.