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I have a question and how I would go about doing what my theory is. I had a previous post on using different parts of skins together.
Skin 1 ( main skin)
Skin 2 ( pages for site)
Skin 3 ( site player)
Now let say I rename .tpl files, folders, css, all to be A(skin 1), B ( skin 2) ,C ( Skin 3)
footer.tpl to footer.tpl , footers.css so on
Independently making so each skin functions on it own.
then Merge them so the files will not copy over the main skin files just adds to it.
Then just place tpl code that I want to use in the main site. so I can have custom header, footer from one skin and pages from another skin. I hope this make since.
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The skins aren't all the same thing but in different folders, they're ll different things.

Analogy: I have 3 cars parked in my driveway, an Audi a Ford and a Toyota. You might be able to take the wing mirrors off of the Audi and put it on the Toyota, Maybe it will fit, but maybe you'll need to build a bracket to make all the screws line up.

Same thing for skins. You might be able to take parts of one and move them to another but sometimes you're going to need to do a little work to make sure it still functions as expected.

If Skin-A's header opens 3 'div' tags then Skin-A's footer closes 3 'div' tags but Skin-B's header opens 2 'div' tags and Skin-B's footer closes 2 'div' tags then using Skin-A's header and Skin-B's footer is not going to line up.
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