Audio not showing on profile after update.

Cloud Media
Cloud Media
7 years ago
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Recently updated and audio player is not appearing on profile. File is uploading because you can download it but will not show player on user profile.

Any Thoughts?
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7 years ago
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Working on a default skin?

Thinking maybe something in your templates. First thing that jumps to mind is the default went from "flv" to "m4v" so the
video modules 'item_detail.tpl' page used to have:
{elseif $item.video_file_extension == 'flv'}
but now it has:
{elseif $item.video_file_extension == 'm4v'}

Some of the jamroom skins over-ride the default video detail page with a template at:
/skins/(some skins)/jrVideo_item_detail.tpl

So if you've cloned a skin that has that file, it probably needs the update.

Docs: "Using the Compare tool to keep cloned skins up to date"
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7 years ago
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As suggested by @andrusito link...

Make sure you've installed the new System Tools module that is needed for version 6.1.1.

Hope this helps!


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