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5 years ago
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I've installed JR6.1.7 and get successful confirmation and "Create Admin User" although when I click the link I get 404 Not found The requested URL /user/signup was not found on this server.

I know that location doesn't exist and I've checked permissions, looked at installation info searched forums but all the answers I've found haven't fixed the error.
data directory is set to 777(read, write, execute)
this install is on my home server for testing so I full control to the set up if you'd like to see
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5 years ago
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Hi - Welcome to Jamroom.
Be sure that all the modules, skins and files included in the Open Source package are correctly uploaded to your server, including the .htaccess file, which is critical to Jamroom.

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist
5 years ago
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What are you running on your home server? Remember Jamroom will not work on Windows system, even if your using something like wampserver, due to the way windows handles symlinks, Microsoft were due to address this but not sure if they did or not.