Issue Tracker - Feature Request - External Bug Tracker Integration

3 months ago
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We've got a small dev team that is starting to get organized and we'd like to be able to use the issue tracker as our community facing support forum while having a more developer focused tool. You've already got VCS webhooks to close - which is great. We'd like to be able to trigger creation of bug reports in our internal system that track development.

My proposal is to push to a webhook with the body of the support request and then optionally also have a means to push a second webhook with comments so that developers can see the full flow. Where it becomes tricky is that you need to have the ticket number generated by the external system put back into the JR Issue Tracker to keep things in sync.

I'm wondering what the easiest approach is to making this all happen. Thanks.

3 months ago
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There's no reason you couldn't copy the jrTracker's function ( view_jrTracker_vcs_webhook() ) into your own module and use that to define your own triggers and actions.

The body of the view_jrTracker_create_save() function is the one that does all of the ticket creation so all the code needed to generate a ticket can be found in there. If you wanted to go that way.

That said, brian wrote the module so I've left a note for him to come take a look at this thread. He might want to include that in the module itself.