How do I use Templets from one skin to another.

2 years ago
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I have been with jamroom for a long time but my coding skills have never been quite where they need to be. Is there a code that will make so I can use templets from one skin to another skin and sill use the css (look and feel) of the skin I have active? example I like the player in the bling skin and want to add it to the header of the audio skin. I like the audio pro skin but I and to have pages with all the features that are in the media for skin. IDK if that make since.
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2 years ago
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Players should be interchangeable with not so much difficulty I would expect but the rest of the skins are all custom, so in some cases it could be thought about as each is a book. and trying to grab a section of one book and put it into a location in another book might work but would take some re-writing to get the story to flow correctly.

We've had the idea for a while to create one base skin and just customize it via CSS but its not so easy to get things looking as diverse as they currently do.

The skins are more than just colors, they are the whole scaffolding of your site. The easiest way is probably to see if put in a project request to support and get a quote for one of the team to do it for you i reckon.

Or post a forum question for where you get stuck and we can help out a bit at a time.