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I just wanted to say Thank You for this module and share what I did with the community.

So I have an artist that I wanted their Google+ page to be linked to their profile on our Jamroom site. I also wanted to avoid having to add each verification code to our site meta tags in order to accomplish the verification. Intro the "Meta Tag Manager". I had no idea of just how awesome this little module really is :)

>> How to add unique Google Site Verification Codes to your Artists Profiles.

#1. Use the Form Designer to add a custom "Profile" text field with an Alpha/Numeric String verification (ie. profile_google_site_verify)
#2. Add some instructions in your help area along these lines:

"If you would like to link your Google + profile directly to your profile here you will need to add the "HTML Tag" code found in the "Alternate Methods" here. It will look like this meta name="google-site-verification" content="MDlNo9EWwG1NJXbn5JSnfThus8i1J6NoyQBU16d3cXA" - Please copy and paste your unique code from the content section in this text field (do not include the "")."

#3. Create a new Profile Pages Meta Tag and select google-site-verification, then paste your custom field info into the content area (ie. {$profile_google_site_verify} )

#4. save everything and reset your caches

Just one more way that your artists can use their profile on your website as their Official Representation.

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