Hide profile page but show content in group?

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Hi! A question:

Is it possible with some kind of workaround to HIDE the profile page and it´s content from the site for a quota but make the profile´s content like blogs, audio etc visible in groups and on group pages for profile owner, group members + master admin only?

I have tried to hide the profile from the site for anyone but the profile owner, followers and master admin, but that also hides it in groups.

Any ideas?
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Not understanding the question. Like what kind of content would show in groups?\
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Hi! I will explain.

Its a matter of profile privacy and control who sees what and when and were, when you add content like audio, video and blogs on your profile. JR unfortunately doesn´t have this functionallity so I´m looking for a workaround.

Show and hide. Show for some but not all etc...

I´m using JR to work with clients and I wish to upload a audio or video file on my profile and embedd it in groups (Using the editor) for group members only using JR´s video and audio player etc

This require you to uploade the video or audio to your profile for you to embedd it in the group. Your uploads will then show up on your profile page - in the timeline and in the audio and video menu. If a user visits your profile they can see ALL uploads on the profile page, and I would like to avoid this if possible, since I´m working with different clients that don´t need to see all audio video files on my profile.

So I have tried adjusting the profile privacy to hide the profile page from the site and that works fine.

The problem is that is also hides ALL content created by the profile when you embedd it in groups or group pages, which I dont want. (Admin can see content - group members can´t)

So I am looking for a workaround for this. (That doesn´t require serious coding)

I know I can send them files in the editors, but It would be great if I could use jr´s built in player in the editor..

I´m thinking maybye adding a form field in the CREATE AUDIO VIDEO ?
For ex:

Show only in groups - checkbox ?
Hide from profile page - checkbox?
Hide audio file etc...

Or Add something (code) in the groups header tpl to allow it to show in groups only?

OR hide menu items on the profile page

Or something?
I´m open for suggestions...
Thank you for your help

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Hi - You're on the right track :-)

What I would do is use the Form Designer on the Audio/Video/ create and update forms to add in the various checkboxes and set them to show only to admins and the profile in question.
You can then modify the {jrCore_list...} calls in the various module templates to exclude items with these boxes set (if not the profile owner or admin). You will also need to do the same in the skin template where they are listing said items.
Hope that helps.

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist