Is there plans for a Captcha module?

6 years ago
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Hi Everyone,
I've been hit by a spam attack from hell. We have had to stop open admissions into my site. I was wondering if there was a Captcha module or one in the works. This might help us slow down the spam.
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6 years ago
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There are no current plans for a captcha module. We've had captcha modules in the past and changed them to the current systems which seem to be holding up well from all the angles we know about.

If they can get around the current systems then they can most likely get around a captcha system too.
6 years ago
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We get spammed a lot here at
These days its nearly always real people doing the spamming and there's little any automated process can do about that. Most will signup then spam immediately. Others are more cunning and leave it a few days before spamming.
Make sure you have the the Akismet module installed and configured, then just be diligent!!

Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist