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PayPal Buy It Now
Category:  Ecommerce
Version:  1.1.9
Size:  90KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  01 Aug 2018 08:40:16AM

The PayPal Buy It Now module has been created to allow profiles to sell audio, video and files from their profile, and have the purchase go directly to their PayPal account.

If you are already using the FoxyCart module, you can use the PayPal module on specific Quotas you would like to enable this feature for.

Note: There is no subscription support - all payments go directly to the profile.

09 Dec 2013 08:30:09PM @izhmel:
Dose the PayPal Buy It Now replaces foxy cart ?
09 Dec 2013 08:55:42PM @michael:
It does not replace foxycart. Foxycart can do a ton more stuff than this module, but this module allows those who want to use Paypal to use Paypal.

If you want to take a percentage of the sale, use foxycart.
If you want to sell subscriptions use foxycart.

With this module:
* all payments go directly to the paypal account of the sellers profile.

10 Dec 2013 12:07:15AM @izhmel:
Thanks Jamroom team, and a very very goodbye to foxy cart !!!!!!
14 Jan 2014 10:18:59PM @bmrecords:
Thank you for this module, I refuse to use foxycart (sending me backwards). Do you have any plans to extend this module or develop a module for selling subscriptions or percentage of sales in the future?
15 Jan 2014 01:48:48AM @paul:
Sorry, but no. Foxycart does all of that already. See Michael's post above.
07 Feb 2014 02:25:02PM @ilovehousemusic:
I see the controversy. I think in practice, the Paypal cart would make sense for (say) a Solo Artist jamroom page. Foxy cart is great for subscriptions and taking a percentage of the sale. I can see why some are upset w/ the monthly cost of FC, but JR5 seems to be around the idea that you'll have subscribers on your site. So forward thinking it's a step in the right direction.

I've offered my JR4 site for free in the past. On JR5, that will change. EVERYTHING WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Just my .02.

07 Feb 2014 02:32:21PM @brian:
And the PayPal module is perfect for a Solo Artist, or a small site selling MP3's - it's really what it was designed for. It's super easy to setup and use.
11 Jan 2015 06:47:02AM @andyf:
I want to be able to sell some manuals (PDF files) from my site. I got the PayPal module and can't figure out what I need to do. Please walk me through it.
11 Jan 2015 07:21:23AM @paul:
Do you have the jrFile module? Get that so that users can upload files to their profile and set a price on them. Then, provided they have set their PayPal email address in their profile settings, when visitors view the file item, they will see the option to but it.

11 Jan 2015 09:17:07AM @brian:
@Andyf - these type of questions are best handed in our Support Forum:


11 Jan 2015 10:39:48AM @andyf:
Thanks guys. So is foxycart required to make it work or just the combo of the jrFile module & PayPal?
11 Jan 2015 10:43:25AM @brian:
You don't FoxyCart if you only want to use PayPal.
11 Jan 2015 12:00:29PM @andyf:
Thanks @Brian!
08 Feb 2015 08:56:19AM @randolph:
Andyf problem is what I wanted; to be able to sell documents which are in PDF, PNG, or JPG format. Please how may I set up this in my Jamroom site? I see a combination of jrFiles and PayPal module. How may I get this jtFile module?

15 Feb 2015 08:12:08AM @mysong:
Could the site owner keep track of the tracks and albums sold, if PayPal Buy It Now is being used and payment goes directly to artists?
15 Feb 2015 08:59:29AM @mysong:
Also can items be bundled together 'albums' if PayPal Buy It Now is being used
15 Feb 2015 09:00:36AM @brian:
Albums require the FoxyCart Bundles module, since an album is a "bundle" of songs, so it does not work with the PayPal Buy It Now module.


Ken Rich
24 Nov 2015 12:43:25PM @ken-rich:
If I am understanding correctly, the Paypal module can only be used to sell downloads (not including bundled downloads) and does not support physical merchandise sales at all.

1) Is that correct?

2) If so, does one have to make sure that quotas that do not have Foxycart ecommerce enabled, should not allow the merchandise store to show on profiles in those quotas.

I think #2 is the mistake I am making now, which allows the store to show and items to be entered but without a price or buy button (since Paypal doesn't support physical sales).

Keith Mauck
12 Sep 2016 07:27:03PM @keith-mauck:
Can this work for "Donate Now"
12 Sep 2016 07:28:56PM @michael:
It doesn't have a donate button feature. You can get the donate button from paypal and just paste it into any template you want though, so no need for a module to do that.