Category:  Listing
Version:  2.3.1
Size:  60KB
License:  MPL
Updated:  07/21/22 11:52:24AM
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Provides search capabilities including search by module, popular searches and module level template overrides to all Jamroom modules that register for it. part of the Jamroom Core.

Search module change log Version 2.3.1: - Bug Fix: '(' and ')' characters when passed in as part of search string could fail Version 2.3.0: - Bug Fix: On very large search indexes not all results were being found correctly Version 2.2.5: - Bug Fix: Some user data keys were missing from the full text search index Version 2.2.4: - Bug Fix: Natural Language Only option may not work consistently Version 2.2.3: - Bug Fix: Starting a new search from results page 2 could result in no results found Version 2.2.2: - Bug Fix: Possible SQL error when mnanually navigating to pages beyond end of the result set Version 2.2.1: - Change: Updated search_results.tpl and search_module_form.tpl to use new Core Activity indicator Version 2.2.0: - Change: Removed unused "jrSearch_popular" and "jrSearch_recent" template functions - use jrCore_list Version 2.1.4: - Change: Searched keyword is no longer used in page title on results page Version 2.1.3: - Change: Change to how custom form designer fields are checked in search Version 2.1.2: - Change: Small performance improvement when using a full_text Datastore search param Version 2.1.1: - Bug Fix: Additional search fields injected by module event listeners may not be indexed properly Version 2.1.0: - Change: "search_item_ids" event updated to be available for all listening modules - Bug Fix: "Include Partial Matches" may not function correctly on Documentation and Forum modules Version 2.0.6: - New: Support added for "skip_search_order" jrCore_list param to skip search relevance ordering Version 2.0.5: - Change: Search query optimization that should help speed up "all" search on very large sites Version 2.0.4: - Bug Fix: Search strings in quotes could return invalid results depending on module searched - Bug Fix: Possible error if BOTH dedicated index and disabled option is checked for a module Version 2.0.3: - Bug Fix: "AND" and "OR" search operators may return more or less results than they should Version 2.0.2: - Bug Fix: Removing the last tag from an item was not removing it from the search index Version 2.0.1: - New: Better search results when searching for exact matches using quotes Version 2.0.0: - New: Dedicated module search index support enabled in "Unique Module Index" global config - New: Ability to set the Search result display order added to Global Config - New: "Disabled Modules" Global Config setting to disable searching specific modules - Change: Updated search SQL query to be a bit faster on really large search indexes - Change: Module index search button no longer shows if there are no items - Change: Search results for empty set shows "results not found" instead of Page Not Found - Bug Fix: Index Rebuild tool could cause high load due to rapid cache create/delete - Bug Fix: Updating an item may not update all values in item entry in search index - Bug Fix: Direct URL to a module search could return all items instead of matched items Version 1.7.3: - New: Support added for "jrSearch_match_limit" advanced config key to set internal match limit - Change: Default internal match limit raised from 1000 to 10000 match results Version 1.7.2: - Bug Fix: Search result function not returning comments with the correct pagination Version 1.7.1: - Bug Fix: Full Text search index not being removed when Developer Tools "Reset System" tool is run Version 1.7.0: - New: Support added for "full_text" match operator when using jrCore_db_search_items() Version 1.6.6: - Bug Fix: SQL error on some installs due to schema check for InnoDB tables Version 1.6.5: - New: InnoDB used as engine type if using MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB database server Version 1.6.4: - New: Support for custom "search_url" parameter added to {jrSearch_module_form} function Version 1.6.3: - Change: Search terms less than 3 characters long now return "no results" - Bug Fix: Additional search conditions could be added to some module index searches Version 1.6.2: - Bug Fix: Boolean search term not appearing correctly on search results page Version 1.6.1: - Bug Fix: Regression in module search performance introduced in 1.6.0. Version 1.6.0: - New: "Optimize Queries" global config option to help speed up queries on larger sites - New: "Search Method" global config option to select how search terms are processed Version 1.5.2: - Bug Fix: Next Page button not showing on some "See All Results" pages Version 1.5.1: - Bug Fix: Regression in version 1.5.0 for item searches with existing search conditions Version 1.5.0: - New: Query optimizations to make search must faster on very large sites - New: "Refresh" button on indexing in progress notice in Search -> Global Config - New: "Log No Results" global config option to log search terms that return no results - Change: Searches with more than 5 words now uses natural language search instead of boolean - Change: Search results now uses Simple Pager for performance reasons - Bug Fix: "See All Results" showing on result page for individual modules Version 1.4.4: - New: Support for NOT operator (-) on multiple word search phrases Version 1.4.3: - Bug Fix: "View All Results" link not showing when search is confined to a single module Version 1.4.2: - New: Results caching to improve performance when paging through a module search result set - Change: search_results.tpl updated to use proper "title" class for results title in header Version 1.4.1: - New: "Include Partial Matches" config option to re-run search query when no exact match is found - New: Updated to pass total search result count to core DS functions for improved performance Version 1.4.0: - New: Weighted Search fields to make result ordering better and more relevant - New: "Rebuild Search Index" tool to rebuild search index on demand - New: Additional Search Fields validates input is a datastore key - New: Search for exact match by placing search string in "quotes" - Change: Search Index Worker now processes 250 items at a time to keep from using too much memory - Change: "Use Full Text Index" removed from Global Config - full text search is always used - Change: Improved search speed on large systems for short search strings (under ft_min_word_len length) - Change: Search results form is now in a block CSS class instead of a title CSS class. - Change: Search table is checked before inserting new rows to ensure the columns are correct - Change: Global Search now submitted as "GET" by default to avoid "expired form" warnings - Bug Fix: Module index search may not work correctly on some search strings - Bug Fix: Item Tags not being saved to full text index - Bug Fix: underscores being removed from item text before inserting into full text index - Bug Fix: Page Title not being properly set on result pages - Bug Fix: Search input on module index pages may return no results when results exist - Bug Fix: Some HTML tags could be included in full text word index Version 1.3.7: - New: automatic discovery of minimum word length DB configuration to run Full Text Search - Bug Fix: Items with tags may not have all keywords indexed properly Version 1.3.6: - Bug Fix: Page jumper was not getting the correct URL. Version 1.3.5: - Bug Fix: Inactive modules shown as options in selection lists Version 1.3.4: - Bug Fix: Language strings might not show up in search box Version 1.3.3: - New: Search Site and Modules widget added for use in Site Builder Version 1.3.2: - Bug Fix: "Indexing" message always showing in Global Config if Cloud Queue Client module installed Version 1.3.1: - New: Ability to search more than 1 module with multiple modules passed in on URL Version 1.3.0: - New: "Enable Full Text Search" option for improved text searches - New: "Index Result Count" Global Config option for setting per module result count on results index - New: "Module Result Count" Global Config option for setting pagebreak on "View All Results" pages - New: {jrSearch_module_form} now accepts "search" parameters to add additional search conditions - Change: search_results.tpl updated to use same pager style as core provided list_pager.tpl Version 1.2.8: - Bug Fix: Quota keys were not being included for use in item_search.tpl Version 1.2.7: - Bug Fix: {jrSearch_module_form} could cache the name of the search fields for too long Version 1.2.6: - Bug Fix: Custom Search fields could be included in the wrong module results Version 1.2.5: - New: {jrSearch_module_form} can now be used on module item_index.tpl files - Bug Fix: changed "working" spinner image (was not working in all skins) Version 1.2.4: - New: {jrSearch_module_form} function for module index page search form Version 1.2.3: - Bug Fix: Pressing "search" again on a search result set would return no results Version 1.2.2: - Bug Fix: Fix for XSS security advisory: Version 1.2.1: - New: active skin can now override default search template on a per module basis Version 1.2.0: - New: Global Config setting to specify additional and custom search fields - New: Activity Indicator added to search form + template tweaks Version 1.1.4: - New: Focus on the search input when the modal opens. Saves clicking on it to start search. Version 1.1.3: - Change: Profiles always now appear as the first entry in an "all" search - New: "search_fields" trigger to allow modules to modify fields being searched Version 1.1.2: - Change: Active skin can now override module provided search template using Module_item_search.tpl Version 1.1.1: - Fix for search_string XSS security vulnerability: Version 1.1.0: - New ability for modules to register a custom search function for producing search results - Search forms changed to GET to prevent Document Expired pages in Firefox Version 1.0.0: - Initial Release