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Category:  Listing
Version:  1.2.8
Size:  33KB
License:  MPL
Updated:  24 Jan 2015 05:56:14AM
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Provides search capabilities including search by module, popular searches and module level template overrides to all Jamroom modules that register for it. part of the Jamroom Core.

Search module changelog Version 1.2.8: - Bug Fix: Quota keys were not being included for use in item_search.tpl Version 1.2.7: - Bug Fix: {jrSearch_module_form} could cache the name of the search fields for too long Version 1.2.6: - Bug Fix: Custom Search fields could be included in the wrong module results Version 1.2.5: - New: {jrSearch_module_form} can now be used on module item_index.tpl files - Bug Fix: changed "working" spinner image (was not working in all skins) Version 1.2.4: - New: {jrSearch_module_form} function for module index page search form Version 1.2.3: - Bug Fix: Pressing "search" again on a search result set would return no results Version 1.2.2: - Bug Fix: Fix for XSS security advisory: Version 1.2.1: - New: active skin can now override default search template on a per module basis Version 1.2.0: - New: Global Config setting to specify additional and custom search fields - New: Activity Indicator added to search form + template tweaks Version 1.1.4: - New: Focus on the search input when the modal opens. Saves clicking on it to start search. Version 1.1.3: - Change: Profiles always now appear as the first entry in an "all" search - New: "search_fields" trigger to allow modules to modify fields being searched Version 1.1.2: - Change: Active skin can now override module provided search template using Module_item_search.tpl Version 1.1.1: - Fix for search_string XSS security vulnerability: Version 1.1.0: - New ability for modules to register a custom search function for producing search results - Search forms changed to GET to prevent Document Expired pages in Firefox Version 1.0.0: - Initial Release

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