Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator
Category:  Tools
Version:  1.1.3
Size:  34KB
License:  MPL
Updated:  28 Nov 2016 07:25:24AM
Sitemap Generator 

Creates a system wide sitemap located at

03 Nov 2014 10:32:41AM @soaringeagle:
i would like to make a recomendation for this for a future upgrade
you should add the ability for custom exclusions beyondthe robots.txt and especialy add the ability to apply priority and change freq values by directory so every page within say a blog directory can get a priority .0.9 and change freq of hourly if its a important busy feature
and if say events are hardly used tha0.3 and weekly
this helps direct crawling to the most important and most frequently changed pages more often
for small sites that can be crawled in a day it mightn't matter but large sites like mine that take 2 weeks or so for a complete crawl you definatly want to give the bots a lil guidance or they can get lost in features you hardly use

04 Jan 2015 12:10:22PM @soaringeagle:
did you just add everything i hope u added?
Zachary Moonshine
07 Jun 2015 05:33:54PM @zachary-moonshine:
this is amazing !
01 Aug 2015 10:48:02AM @derrickhand300:
I wanted to ask if you were still using Inspyder Sitemap Creeator...if are you getting "videos" to show up in the sitemap? I am using it again to create sitemaps but having problems getting it to recognize JR videos