25 Gig Ning Site

25 Gig Ning Site This is the Jamroom Ning Import service for Ning sites with a Ning Archive up to 25 Gigs in size. The Ning Import Service includes:

- Ensuring your Jamroom site is fully setup for handling your Ning Import. If you have purchased the Ning Bundle this includes ensuring the Ning Bundle is all setup and configured properly in your Jamroom.

- Running the Ning Importer on your Jamroom site and ensuring everything is imported properly

- the use of the Jamroom Network Conversion Service during import to properly convert all Ning audio and video to the proper formats for use in Jamroom

The Jamroom Ning Import service is designed for users migrating from Ning who want to ensure their Ning data gets imported and configured to run optimally in Jamroom.


If you are NOT using Jamroom hosting, make sure you have pre-purchased either Premium or Professional package:


to ensure your Jamroom install has the modules needed to replicate your Ning site!
10 Nov 2015 05:01:44PM @adolygwr:
I am using Jamroom hosting. Just set up the server now. And I want to import my Ning 2.0 backup from March 2014, manually add everything since then and use the redirect module to preserve google links etc when I have finished and ready to go live. My question is what domain do I need to add to create the server? Ideally none of course but do I have to get one just for the meanwhile?
10 Nov 2015 05:23:56PM @paul:
Use the domain that the site will have when it goes live. On our hosting it'll be accessible at http://yourdomaincom.jamroomhosting.com
When going live this can then be switched to http://you domain.com (after pointing the domain name servers to our hosting).
Hope that makes sense.

10 Nov 2015 05:32:20PM @adolygwr:
Got it....thanks .
10 Nov 2015 05:37:34PM @paul:
Great. Be sure to checkout our Hosting documentation. Any questions, use the forum or raise a support ticket.