Jamroom 6.5.0 has been released!

user image 2020-05-11
By: brian
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Jamroom 6.5.0 has been released!

I've just finished pushing out the new Jamroom Core 6.5.0 release to the Marketplace, along with a dozen or so other module updates that go along with the new Core release.  The new Jamroom 6.5.0 core has been in beta for a few months - I want to thank everyone that has given us feedback on the new release, and for some of you I appreciate your patience while I have fixed things on your "live" site :)

The new Core contains several months worth of improvements and fixes - some of the bigger features and changes include:

  • Much faster template parsing if you have the APCu PHP module installed in your PHP (Jamroom Hosting customers automatically have this setup).
  • Dashboard updates including daily and monthly DataStore counts, and the ability to go "full screen" in the Dashboard - this is great if you have a display you use for monitoring your Jamroom site.
  • Activity Log updates including searching by date, new date selector as well as the ability to "view" the email content when the active Email System is set to "Activity Log".
  • The Data Browser has been updated to allow exporting of MATCHED items to a CSV file.
  • The Style section for a skin has been overhauled to allow full customization of the site CSS - including adding custom CSS that overrides all module and skin defined CSS.
  • New "Icon Buttons" support for use in the ACP.
  • New support for SVG icons and activity indicators.
  • New default caching system that should be faster on systems that are really busy or overloaded.
  • New core level "login to stream" and "login to download" global config options.

There's dozens and dozens of other tweaks, bug fixes and updates as well - our goal is for Jamroom 6.5.0 to be a solid foundation for the foreseeable future.

IMPORT NOTE: This will be the LAST version of the Jamroom Core that supports PHP 5 - if you are still running PHP 5, I would highly recommend upgrading to PHP 7 - you will see noticeable speed and performance improvements across the board.

Make sure and check out the UPGRADE GUIDE I've posted in the forum:


If you are a Jamroom Hosting customer, feel free to open a support ticket if you would like one of the team members to assist in upgrading your site for you.

We hope you enjoy the new releases!