High Powered Jamroom Hosting - coming soon!

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By: brian
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High Powered Jamroom Hosting - coming soon!

I'm really excited to announce something that our customers have been asking for for years - Jamroom Hosting !

Hosting is something we've long been asked to do, but have always deferred it to hosting providers that we felt were better equipped to handle the myriad of options that you can get in a hosting plan.  However, one thing that seems to be getting harder to find is high quality and high performance hosting .  Hosting has pretty much been a "race to the bottom" in price, which in turn almost always leads to a decrease in performance.  While dedicated servers and VPS's have also become cheaper, if you are not a system administrator these types of options are not usually viable.

So we've been hard at work here building a new type of hosting for Jamroom - one that is 100% dedicated to running Jamroom about as awesome as you can run it.

This means we have included some really cool stuff:

  • Every Server is a dedicated, fully managed VPS that is 100% dedicated to you.
  • All Servers are fully managed and backed up daily .
  • Create as many Jamroom Domains on your server as you like.
  • One click install of any Jamroom Distribution (Jamroom Core, Genosis, Site Builder, etc.)
  • Instant setup on our cluster of fast, dedicated Media Conversion Servers.

This last one is awesome - all your Audio and Video media conversions will be handled by our cluster of dedicated Media encoders - this frees your server from having to do media conversions at all, which can be very CPU intensive (and if you are currently on a low end hosting platform you know it can take A LONG time to convert large video files).

We've built a custom Control Panel that runs here on Jamroom.net and gives you access to creating new Jamroom Domains on your server(s) as easily as clicking a button.  This makes it a perfect setup for those that are running multiple Jamroom sites (web design firms with clients, savvy webmasters that run multiple sites, etc.).

It's also perfectly setup for development, as each domain is mapped to a secondary domain - this allows you to create your site on the secondary domain and when you're ready to "go live" all it takes is a click of the button to swap to your "live" Jamroom domain.


The other awesome part of hosting with Jamroom Hosting is that for all domains on your servers, you can install unlimited modules and skins!   As long as you are hosting with us, there's no charge for any module or skin you would like to install on any domain on your Jamroom server.

Have a lot of client sites you want to setup?  No problem - you can set them all up on your server with whatever modules and skins you need.


All servers that are created in your account have been optimized for running Jamroom - this includes:

  • custom MySQL settings for the size of your server
  • custom PHP settings to allow much larger uploads
  • optimized PHP cache settings to make Jamroom fly
  • Mailgun SMTP for super reliable email delivery

One thing that is important to point out is that these servers are 100% dedicated to Jamroom - there's no "Cpanel" or "WHM" or "Plesk" control panels here - these types of control panels offer hundreds of different hosting options and choices, and almost always make the server they are loaded on much slower.  So if you need Cpanel hosting, or the ability to run non-Jamroom scripts on your server, you'll want to stick with a "normal" hosting provider.


Right now we are in the process of putting the final set of features and touches in place to get Jamroom Hosting released to everyone - our goal is to go live by the end of February.

If you would like to get involved earlier with us, we're looking for a few beta testers who want to give us feedback on how things work, and also want to get a special deal on pricing.  If you'd like to be involved in beta testing Jamroom Hosting, please contact us at support [at] jamroom [dot] net.

We're really excited to get this rolled out as soon as we can - if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in our support forum .


02/07/15 08:50:44AM @fredstlaurent:
We have a Ning site with 6,300 members still in 2.0
I do not want to make the move to 3.0 and I want to take advantage of your hosting options.
We would like to make this move soon. The Ning site has become glitchy and is down a lot, and the "new" 3.0 has not had improvements that I have seen since July. We are assuming this will be the end of Ning as we knew it and need to transition somewhere soon as we monetize this in many ways.
Can you direct me to whom I might begin a conversation with about a possible move to Jam Room please?

02/07/15 09:06:14AM @brian:
Thanks for checking out Jamroom! Make sure and shoot us an email at support [at] jamroom [dot] net (you may have already) and we can get the discussion going there.


02/07/15 09:56:23AM @paul:
Checkout the N2JR docs (link below) then as Brian says, get in touch with us via a support ticket to discuss things further, if need be.



02/07/15 10:55:12AM @roy-simmons:
This could be exactly what I need! Very exciting!
Ken Rich
02/08/15 05:54:17AM @ken-rich:
I suggested this a long time ago. I knew that many of those coming from Ning would have no clue about how to host, since they had no need to before. This is a wise move by Jamroom in my opinion.

This, combined with the new "drag and drop" site builder in beta, will allow Jamroom to meet the needs of most network creators.

Some network creators lack the the "tech savvy" to host and do coding. Rather than expect them to become programmers (unrealistic), and hosting experts, supply them with easy intuitive tools instead.

Then watch the "magic" happen, when their creativity is unleashed and empowered.

02/27/15 10:22:15AM @restmin:
This is an answered prayer and the timing is perfect. We have been online since 1996 and I have had a nIng site since 2007 or so. About 500 active members/3000 members. We are a nonprofit for those with chronic illness and this part of our ministry is a lifeline for many, I had planned to move to BuddyPress last year after so many Ning expenses and lack of control (like upgrading group moderators!--the basics).

I unexpectantly began homeschooling in October, however, and I know that having to do ALL the maintenance on the site in addition to our regular site will be too much for me. Constantly having plugins become updated and needing to be support for a few hundred people and the quirks they encounter would be a time consuming job.

This appears to be a great solution--and I have researched many of them. My wordpress site runs on a VPS and I don't want to slow it down and bulk it up even more with a social network. I look forward to this option.

Quick question: do you recommend or offer any technical services for hire for a basic Ning merge and layout? Since my time is limited I would be interested in hiring someone for the first stages and then I could,play with the features and design? Thank you!

02/27/15 11:23:53AM @paul:
Signup for our hosting (10% off whilst in beta, going live probably on 1st March so one day left to do this) and when you create a server Jamroom will be pre-installed. You then just need to archive to Ning2 site and uploaded to the server, buy one of our Ning to Jamroom import services and we'll do the rest.



Let us know if you want to take up our beta hosting offer and I'll get that set up for you.

03/02/15 03:29:24PM @restmin:
thanks @Paul! I can't find where to purchase the hosting. I found the hosting "help" section, but the bar on the right side that says HOSTING has not been there to click. thank you for your help! I did a lot of research and this seems to be the way to go. I looked quite a bit for some example pages. I found a few in the forums and in the showcase, but nothing really with the "wow" factor. I am sure there is more this software can do with design and layout than what is there. (Yeah, one of the reasons I want to leave Ning is to have more control, but I do know with control comes constant issues--ie WP). do you have any other listings of sites using Jamroom? thanks!
03/02/15 07:50:57PM @michael:
Hi @restmin, the hosting beta period is closed now, but keep an eye on the announcements over the coming days and keep an eye out for the official Hosting release.

When its live, you'll be able to purchase it from here
"VIP Hosting"

03/03/15 01:07:42AM @paul:
Hi @restmin - As Michael said, we'll be going live with Hosting any day now but I think that when we do, all members will see the Hosting button on their profile pages for quick and easy server creation. If you can't wait, send us an email to support[at]jamroom[dot]net and we'll get you set up straight away.

Have you checked out all the Jamroom sites by clicking the 'Showcase' links at the top of this page?
"Wow" factors are subjective - Jamroom provides you with the tools to create your own ;-)

03/05/15 07:58:22AM @fabiola:
I will kindly appreciate all your love and support to make the move to Jam Room if possible today. I am creative but don't know coding so I will appreciate all the support I can get from my new community. I will prefer a professional help BUT I am so ready to move that I don't want to waste time. By the way thank you for your promptly response.
03/05/15 01:06:37PM @michael:
@Fabiola check out this post,

"Jamroom Hosting is now Live!"