New Jamroom Module Releases

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By: paul
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New Jamroom Module Releases

As you may know, Jamroom users can 'sponsor' the development of custom modules for their sites on the understanding that these modules, or variants of them, could be made available to all other Jamroom users. Over ther past couple of years this has resulted in quiet a few modules stacked up on the shelf that might well be useful to other Jamroom users. These are some of them, in no particular order -

  • Background Creator - Creates a site Background
  • Email Course - Users sign up to a course that is sent via email over a series of days
  • Landing Pages - Create unique landing pages based on keyword sections
  • Database Loader - Creates Users, Profiles and Profile Items for Load Testing
  • User Link - Automatically Links User Accounts to newly created profiles
  • Advanced Play Counts - Set minimum listen and view lengths for counting streamed audio and video plays
  • Audio Watermark - Upload an audio watermark file that is merged with uploaded profile audio files
  • User Import - Create User Accounts from imported email addresses
  • Flag Item - Allow users to flag items they consider unsuitable or inappropriate
  • Comment Delete - Adds a button to module item update forms that deletes all of that item ' s comments
  • Mail Batcher - Intercepts and compiles user emails and sends them periodically as a single email

These will now be released, maybe one a week (so as not to swamp us with support questions ;-) ), the first one being Audio Watermark -  - Many thanks to user @dm for originally sponsoring this module.

Maybe let us know which ones would be most useful to you so that we can prioritise subsequent releases?



27 Aug 2018 08:14:30PM @adolygwr:
Please allow me to add my vote for the email course module. Sounds like it could be very useful :)
28 Aug 2018 04:12:54AM @ukdenny:
Yes me also the email course
28 Aug 2018 04:23:13AM @paul:
OK - That module has been in use here on for quite a while now so we're pretty sure it's bug free and ready to go, so will get that one released next Monday.
03 Sep 2018 03:05:49AM @paul:
You asked - We deliver :-)

Which module do all you guys want next?

03 Sep 2018 10:47:54AM @adolygwr:
My vote is for Newsletter Clipper :)

Just fired up the email course mod and it is superb. Just a thought though....are there any plans to make this module work with paid email courses? Also is it possible to extend the course length beyond 90 days...six months perhaps?

03 Sep 2018 11:04:29AM @paul:
Thanks Ceri.
Extending the course length to 180 days would be straightforward.
At the moment, the only option to initiate a course is on signup. I'll look into adding another option for when moving to another quota. That way you could use the subscription system to collect payments for going on a course.

03 Sep 2018 11:55:43AM @adolygwr:
Perfect....many thanks. I would like to extend our online Welsh language course for presentation as an email course. I guess I can do that already (although it would be better offered over a six month period). The big thing though would be the ability to offer it as a paid course (when it is sufficiently developed and matured). A great new way to monetize our sites imho :)
10 Sep 2018 03:29:57AM @paul:
This week we are releasing a simple tool module to import users/profiles just from a list of their email addresses. I've used this a few times myself to quickly populate a new site for development and live purposes so it'll hopefully be useful to all other Jamroom users and developers.
Get it now from your site Marketplace.

14 Sep 2018 02:32:00PM @adolygwr:
Any sneak previews about the coming module release on Monday?
15 Sep 2018 06:24:02AM @paul:
Hi Ceri - Haven't thought that far ahead yet ;-)
I'll maybe checkout the Newsletter Clipper tomorrow to make sure its ready for release on Monday.
Thanks - Paul

15 Sep 2018 12:02:19PM @adolygwr:
The Landing Pages module looks pretty interesting too. Either of those (newsletter clipper, landing pages) would be great :)
16 Sep 2018 12:35:00AM @thecelebritycafe:
hmmm good post
17 Sep 2018 12:41:23PM @paul:
This week, to help with your SEO, Landing Pages -
17 Sep 2018 05:41:22PM @tig:

Landing Pages looks quite intriguing ('Create unique landing pages based on keyword sections '). Do you know when documentation will be available (or even an overview)?

24 Sep 2018 12:38:56PM @paul:
Hi Tig - We have an internal ticket open to get this done, hopefully sometime this week.
24 Sep 2018 12:43:33PM @paul:
This week, we have something for all audio or video based sites, particularly those that run competitions or take their charts seriously, to help stop 'gaming' - The "Advanced Play Counts" module.

Basically you can configure the percentage of audio tracks and videos that need to be played before it will count as a stream, or can be rated.

29 Sep 2018 02:39:07AM @paul:
This week's new module release has come early as I'm out of town on Monday :-)

Background Creator

A free module that provides an admin tool to upload and select global site background images.

08 Oct 2018 08:35:47AM @paul:
This week we have a simple free module aimed at site developers - 'Database Loader' -

What it does is allows admin to quickly create multiple profiles, users and items in order to show a fully populated new site so that it can be laid out and tested as a fully populated site.

We used this a lot in the early days of Jamroom5 in order to do load testing on sites with millions of items and to be satisfied that Jamroom could handle this situation ok (it could :-) ).

17 Oct 2018 05:43:43AM @paul:
Bit late with this week's new module release, but it is worth the wait ;-)

"Flag Item - Allow users to flag items they consider unsuitable or inappropriate"

What this module does is to add a Flag icon to all item detail views. If a user considers the item to be unsuitable or inappropriate in any way, they can click on the icon. All site admins are then emailed with a link to the flagged item whereupon they can take the appropriate action and maybe delete the item or the flag should they not agree with it.

Get this new module from your Jamroom Marketplace now.

Ronnie Dean
30 Oct 2018 03:29:22AM @ronnie-dean:
Good morning
Questoin When does the weekly music chart reset to zero views? What Day of the the week? and Can it be changed if so how?

Ronnie Dean
30 Oct 2018 03:33:20AM @ronnie-dean:
You asked - We deliver :-)

Which module do all you guys want next?

A scrolling marquee that works with the music chart on the home page under the main menu
with the artist logo, name and song link.

30 Oct 2018 04:14:24AM @paul:
Quote: Questoin When does the weekly music chart reset to zero views? What Day of the the week? and Can it be changed if so how?
This question really belongs on the forum, not in blog comments, but a quick answer is that charts do not reset, or start on a day of the week, they are 'rolling' in that they will show the chart positions over the previous number of days set by the chart parameters.

30 Oct 2018 04:19:30AM @paul:
Quote: A scrolling marquee that works with the music chart on the home page under the main menu
with the artist logo, name and song link.
When asking what to release next, I was referring to the above list of what we have ready to release, not ideas for new modules :-)
What you are asking for is not a module is just template code. Ask on the forum for help there, or submit a project request form for us to quote you for it -

30 Oct 2018 04:50:49AM @paul:
Today we have a simple, free, module to automatically link specified users to any newly created account.