Translate Jamroom into another Language

  • Step One: Clone the English Language to your new Language

    The first step in translating Jamroom into a new Language is to create a CLONE of the English language. You can do this from the ACP -> Users -> User Accounts -> Tools -> Create a Language.
    A form is displayed from which you can 'clone' an existing language.

    Once you have cloned the English Language, you can then begin to translate the English language strings in to your new language.
  • Step Two: Translate via the Language tab in the ACP

    Next, go to the ACP as a Master Admin and click on the "Language" tab for any existing module. In the "Language" select form, select the new language you just created. This will refresh the screen to the new language and you can then translate the strings and save.

    Repeat this procedure on the SKINS tab for your active skin.
  • Screenshot of the Language tab for the Nova skin.
  • Note that there is no central language file for all the language strings in the system. Each module has a LANGUAGE tab for the language strings it provides.

    Each skin has its own language file too.
  • Each module has its own language strings

    Each module has its own language strings
    screenshot of the LANGUAGE tab of the BLOG module in the ACP
  • Adding Flags to change the language

    Once you have your new language, you might want to have some buttons to allow users to change to the new language.

    Here's some code to use in your skins, adjust as necessary.
    <a href="?set_user_language=es-ES"><img src="{$jamroom_url}/skins/{$_conf.jrCore_active_skin}/img/flags/es.png" alt="ES" title="Spanish"></a>
    <a href="?set_user_language=en-US"><img src="{$jamroom_url}/skins/{$_conf.jrCore_active_skin}/img/flags/us.png" alt="US" title="English US"></a>
    <a href="?set_user_language=fr-FR"><img src="{$jamroom_url}/skins/{$_conf.jrCore_active_skin}/img/flags/fr.png" alt="FR" title="French"></a>
  • Flag Images

    A folder of flag images for language links.

    This will go in your skins/YOURSKIN/img directory.
  • Set the Sites Default Language

    "Default Language" is set at:
  • screenshot of the search results in the ACP for the term "Language"
  • screenshot of the GLOBAL CONFIG tab on the USER module