Allow your members to switch Quotas by themselves

  • Overview

    You have several free quotas. Someone signs up to a free quota and you want to allow them to change quotas by themselves to another quota.

    This section will walk you through the admin setup to allow this.
  • Asked in the forums here "How Do Members Switch Quotas?"
  • Allow quota changes

    The first step is to set the "Allow quota changes" setting to ON.

    ACP -> PROFILES -> USER PROFILES -> GLOBAL CONFIG -> Allow Quota Changes
  • screenshot of the admin setting to allow quota changes
  • Now that the option has been enabled by the admin, when the user visits their profile settings page:


    They will see the "Profile Quota" setting along with all their other settings and have the option to change it to any other Free quota.
  • screenshot of the field to use to change your profiles quota
  • Selling Subscriptions

    If you want to sell a subscription (a quota change to a paid quota) see here:
    FoxyCart eCommerce - Selling a Subscription