HowTo: use a different FFMPEG binary

  • Overview

    FFMPEG is the server software that converts audio and video files from their original format into a format that is playable on the web.

    Jamroom packages ffmpeg along with the core, so usually there is nothing you need to do to make it work. However on some servers only their own version of ffmpeg will work. In this case you want to tell jamroom to use the server version, not its own version.
  • Short Answer

    in /data/config/config.php add this line
    $_conf['jrCore_ffmpeg_binary'] = '/usr/bin/ffmpeg';
  • OSX developers

    If you use your mac as a development environment, brian has this tip:
    I develop on OS X and here is the stuff I added to my data/config/config.php file:

    $_conf['jrCore_ffmpeg_binary'] = '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg';
    $_conf['jrCore_diff_binary'] = '/usr/bin/diff';
    $_conf['jrAudio_sox_binary'] = '/usr/local/bin/sox';
    $_conf['jrAudio_id3v2_binary'] = '/usr/local/bin/id3v2';
    $_conf['jrImage_convert_binary'] = '/usr/local/bin/convert';

    Hope this helps! ....