The Pending Items Approval System

Table of Contents:

Approving an Item
  • Overview

    As the admin user, you have the last say as to what goes into your system. This means you can require that items and users are approved before becoming active in your system.

    Most modules that allow user interaction will have a 'Quota Config' tab on them.
  • screenshot of the audio module with the 'default quota' options displayed.
  • The screenshot above shows the jrAudio module that is used to allow users to upload audio to their profiles.

    In the screenshot, the quota that is displayed is the 'default quota' and it has Item Approval set to No Approval Needed for that users in that quota to upload audio files.

    Approval is set on a per quota basis.
  • screenshot of all quotas in the current system.
  • Changing the quota in the drop down box will allow you to update that quotas settings for Item Approval.

    The available options for Item Approval are shown in the screenshot below:
  • Screenshot of the available options for Item Approval
  • The available options for Item Approval are:

    * No Approval Needed
    * Approval On Create
    * Approval On Create and Update

    The differences should be clear, but just to iterate, here is the help text from that field.
    Quote: When a new Item is created by a Profile in this Quota, should the item be placed in a pending state before being visible in the system?

    No Approval Needed: item is immediately visible.
    Approval on Create: item will need to be approved by an admin after being created.
    Approval on Create and Update: item will need to be approved by an admin after being created or updated.
  • Approving an Item

    When a user uploads an item that needed to be approved by the admin, that item will be placed into the Pending Items section of the admin's 'Dashboard'.

    The admin will receive an email to tell them they have items that need approving with a link to this page.
  • screenshot of the Pending Items screen in the Dashboard with a pending audio file waiting to be approved.
  • The admin user, and the owner of the profile will be able to see the item on their profile and listen to it, in the case of an audio file, but the public will not be able to until it is approved.