Performance check

  • Overview

    The Performance Check tool in Jamroom tries to determine how well the system will perform by evaluating the hosting where its installed at.

    After running the Performance Check you will be shown a series of numbers and a single final score.
  • Jamroom provides dedicated hosting here: Jamroom Hosting
  • screenshot of the Performance Check showing excellent results
  • The components of the server that are tested are:

    * Processor
    * Database
    * File System

    These are then tallied to give a single Overall Score.

    For each of the numbers in each of the sections, lower is better. The individual Processor, Database, File System are the times taken to perform some tasks. The quicker those tasks can be performed, the better the server is.

    For the Overall Score, Higher is better.
  • Processor

    The performance check for the process gets the system to run ten million calculations and records how long it takes to complete.

    A faster CPU will finish more quickly than a slower CPU.

    A lower number indicates a better result
  • Database

    The database section of the component score is calculated by writing two thousand entries into the database, then updating two thousand entries, then performing two thousand searches on the existing entries and finally deleting the entries individually.

    The time the server takes to complete these tasks is the basis for the reported result.

    A lower number indicates a better result
  • File System

    The file system is checked for performance by writing generated content to a file on the file system, then appending one thousand different more entries to that file an recording how long the procedure takes.

    The faster the task is completed, the better the score.

    A lower number indicates a better result
  • Overall Score

    The Overall Score is calculated from the components scores.

    The scores are displayed as follows:
    0 ~ 200 - Very Slow, look for better hosting
    200 ~ 400 - Likely to run slow, look for hosting alternatives
    400 ~ 600 - May run slow, checkout performance tips
    600 ~ 800 - Slower than optimal
    800+ - Excellent

    A higher number indicates a better result