Using the Template Editor

  • Overview

    The Template Editor is available to both skins and modules. It is one method to alter the way information is presented.

    Jamroom skins and modules are laid out using
  • Modify the Template

    Modify the Template
    screenshot of the modify button for the footer.tpl file of the current skin.
  • Clicking on the MODIFY button of the template you are interested in changing will open up the Template Editor and allow you to make changes.
  • screenshot of the template editor with the footer.tpl file open in it.
  • Saving your Changes

    You can add extra code to this file which will then be displayed in your site once activated.

    Make the changes that you want to to the HTML of your site and click SAVE CHANGES to write them to the datastore.
  • Activate the Saved Template

    Now you have a custom template that exists, next you need to activate it.

    Click the CANCEL button or the TEMPLATES tab to get back to the list of templates. You will see that the template you just altered has a checkbox in the ACTIVE column.

    You must check this checkbox and click the SAVE button at the bottom of the list to make it active.
  • screenshot of the activate template checkbox checked
  • IMPORTANT: Adding javascript to you're templates?
09 Apr 2018 03:36:05PM @emerge:
Is it feasible to use the templates from one skin on another to test the combination of layouts? I'd like to use the home page of one skin, minus the header, and combine it with a different skin. Is there anything that would make this difficult to recover from in terms of switching back to my original skin?


09 Apr 2018 04:14:58PM @nate:
Not really. There are language issues, styling issues and other complications. You'd be better off trying to understand the code and what they're doing and then replicate it.
09 Apr 2018 04:27:08PM @emerge:
09 Apr 2018 04:34:59PM @emerge:
The Beat Slinger Skin has a few inconsistencies in it. I was advised to remove the Foxy Cart module and the Merchandise module. The result is that the cart and the price for gallery images has disappeared. Does this skin work fully without modification or is it dependent on certain parameters like using Foxy Cart?

Also there are icons for followers, mentions and feedback that result in "This page does not exist". is something missing ?Seems odd to pplace icons on the page that go nowhere.


09 Apr 2018 04:35:43PM @michael:
could you put questions into the forums please :)