Setting up Mailgun for Email Delivery

  • Make sure and enter your payment information into your Mailgun account - your first 10,000 emails each month are still free, but without the payment information you will be limited to 5 domains and 300 emails per day.
  • Create your Free Mailgun Account

    If you do not have a Mailgun account, you will want to create one:

    Creating an account is free, and you will be able to send up to 10,000 emails per month at no charge. Make sure and enter your payment info so you can setup more than 5 domains.
  • Why does Jamroom use Mailgun for Email Delivery?

    Jamroom Hosting uses Mailgun for email delivery for the following reasons:

    - Most sites can stay on the free plan and never have to pay

    - Email sent through Mailgun has a MUCH higher successful delivery rate than trying to send email directly from your server. Most large email providers (such as Gmail, and especially Yahoo and Hotmail) will NOT accept email from small VPS and dedicated servers, as these are often uses by spammers who "spin up" a new server, send out millions of emails, then shut it down. This means A LOT of IP addresses at hosting providers have been blacklisted. For reliable email delivery it is best to send through a delivery service that has a relationship with email providers.

    - Mailgun provides an API that we can utilize in Jamroom to give you A LOT of power over email such as email parsing, spam blocking, bounce handling, etc.
  • Get your API Key from the Mailgun Control Panel

    Get your API Key from the Mailgun Control Panel
    Once you have signed up, in your Mailgun Control Panel you will find your Private API Key

    Click on your Account Name in the upper right corner (it will show your email address) then select "Account Settings".

    You will see both your Public Validation Key and Private API Keys - click on "show" to the right of the Private API Key - this is the value you will need.
  • View your Server Settings

    View your Server Settings
    Next, head back to your "My Jamroom Servers" section:

    - Go to your Profile here on
    - Click on "Hosting" in your Profile Menu
    - Click on the "My Jamroom Servers" tab
    - Click on "Server Dashboard" next to the server you are working on
    - Click on the "Server Settings" button in the title bar

    You will now be viewing the Server Settings for this server.
  • Enter your Mailgun API Key and Save

    Enter your Mailgun API Key and Save
    At the bottom of the Server Settings for you will see a form field for "Mailgun API Key".

    Enter your Mailgun API Key that you got in the first step.

    Save the changes.
  • That's it - you're all configured for Email delivery. There is nothing more you need to do on the Mailgun end - the Jamroom Hosting setup will take care of any configuration needed.
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