Connecting to your server using SFTP

  • Jamroom Hosting uses SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol

    if you have had web hosting before, you likely are used to connecting to your server using FTP - File Transfer Protocol.

    FTP is a "clear text" protocol, in that everything is sent over the internet in "clear text" - including your username and password, which in this day and age is a pretty bad idea.

    Jamroom Hosting only uses SFTP - there is no FTP server running on any Jamroom Hosting server.

    Connecting to your server using SFTP is just as easy as using FTP - just make sure you select "SFTP" as the connection method or protocol and you should be set.
  • Jamroom Hosting does not support FTP!

    Make sure your File Transfer Client supports SFTP. The popular free FTP client "FileZilla" supports SFTP.
  • Accessing the SFTP Username and Password

    Accessing the SFTP Username and Password
    The Username and Password that you will use to connect to your server are found in the Server Settings section:

    - When viewing your Profile click on "Hosting"

    - Click on the "My Servers" tab

    - Select "Server Dashboard" for the server you want to connect to

    - Click on the "Server Settings" button in the server header.

    The Username and Password will be found to the right of the "SFTP Login" area.