Making the Primary or Secondary Domain Active

  • Primary and Secondary Domains

    Whenever a domain is created on a Jamroom Hosting Server, there are always two domains that are setup for the new Jamroom install:

    - Primary Domain - The Primary Domain is the "main" domain on the site - this is going to be YOUR own domain that you are setting up on the server

    - Secondary Domain - This is going to be a "" domain, and will begin to work within a couple of hours of being created (as it takes a little bit for DNS changes to propagate). This can be thought of as a "temporary" domain that lets you access the new Jamroom install without having to update DNS on your Primary Domain so it points to the Jamroom Hosting nameservers.
  • How to tell what Domain is the Active Domain

    How to tell what Domain is the Active Domain
    If you have just created a new Domain on your server, then the Secondary Domain will be the active domain.

    You can tell which domain is the active domain when viewing your Server Dashboard. The "active" domain will be "highlighted" (see screenshot).

    NOTE: You can also see what domain is the Active Domain by clicking on "Domain Settings" for the domain and looking in the "Active Jamroom Domain" section.
  • Switching the Active Domain

    Switching the Active Domain
    At any time you can change what domain is the Active Domain in the Jamroom install.

    - Click on "Domain Settings" for the domain you want to make active

    - In the "Active Jamroom Domain" section click on the "Make The Active Domain" button (where "" will be the domain you want to make the active domain).

    - It will prompt you if you really want to switch the Active Domain - say yes.

    It will take a few seconds or so, and then the Jamroom install will be updated to use the domain you have just made active.
  • Leave the Secondary Domain as the Active Domain until you update your Nameservers for your domain at your domain registrar and have them pointing to the Jamroom Hosting Nameservers (found in your Server Settings screen).

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