Enabling SSL on your site ( turning on https:// )

Table of Contents:

Make your site active
  • Overview

    All Jamroom Hosting plans come with the ability to turn on SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) in order to make your site run on https:// instead of http://

    This makes your connection with your visitors secure. It is a requirement if you want to use the Audio modules Facebook player.

    Google indicates that it will rank secure sites more favorably than non secure sites, so there are very few reasons not to do it.
  • Make your site active

    Before you can get SSL enabled on your domain, you first must make it active. You can't have an SSL domain on your ???????.jamroomhosting.com domain.

    So click the MAKE ACTIVE button because its that domain that will get the SSL cert.
  • screenshot of the location in your hosting dashboard to make your domain active
  • Once your domain name is active for your site, you will see a new button in your hosting control panel ENABLE FREE SSL, click that.
  • screenshot of the enable SSL button