HowTo: embed a file into a page

  • Overview

    This HowTo requires 3 modules to be active:

    * Editor Embeded Media
    * File Downloads
    * Group Pages or Page Creator
    We use the File Download module to create a file, the Group Pages to create a page and the Editor Embeded Media to embed the file in the page.
  • Step1: Upload the file to the profile

    The first step is to upload the file you want to embed onto your profile so it will be there when you want to put it into a page.
  • screenshot of a file existing on a profile
  • Step2: Create a page (or Group Page)

    In the screenshot below we are creating a new Group Page and plan to embed the file into that.
  • screenshot of the location to add a Group Page
  • Step3: Embed the File

    Put the cursor into the location where you want to embed the file in the page, then click on the 'Embed Local Media' button provided by the Editor Embedded Media module.
  • screenshot of the button to embed media into a page
  • The Embed Local Media dialog will open and you can change to the FILE tab to see the files that exist in the system.

    Click on the 'Embed This Media' button of the file you wish to embed.
  • screenshot of the 'Embed This Media' button highlighted on the Embed Local Media dialog
  • That will put a place tag in your document at the location where your cursor was when you clicked the Embed Local Media button.
  • screenshot of the code to embed a file in the document highlighted
  • Step4: Save the page

    Click on the 'Create New Group Page' button to save the page.

    When the page is viewed, the file you chose will be available for download from within the page.
  • screenshot of the file embedded in the Group Page